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Faster than a Provo engagement, more powerful than a cougar linebacker, able to leap large puddles in a single bound… It’s Super Kyra!


Super Kyra’s interest in heroics began at a young age. When not battling malicious super villain types in her hometown of Billings, Montana, Super Kyra assumes her alter ego identity as a student of English Language and editing at Brigham Young University. When she’s not studying or hanging out with friends, Kyra typically enjoys writing, reading, and playing violin. Her favorite music video of all time is A-ha’s Take On Me, probably because she’s always secretly wanted to be pulled into a comic book by an attractive man.

Super Kyra’s super powers include:
  • Being able to read Fox in Socks really fast
  • Acquiring free books
  • Knowing things she’s not supposed to
  • Clearing lines in Tetris
  • Baking chocolate chip cookies
  • Getting set up on blind dates
  • Knowing Taylor Swift lyrics
  • Referencing obscure facts about other super heroes
  • Embarrassing herself at dance parties
  • Facebook stalking

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  1. Rose "Of All The Things I've Ever Dreamed"

    I read a few of your very newest and very oldest blog posts and just loved them. From your love of super heroes to your Fantastically Feminine Fridays, the world needs more of these kind(s) of words. Thanks for writing this. 🙂


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