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Adventures of the Week 4/12/15

There were a whole bunch of things that happened to me this week where I thought, I should blog about that. I can’t remember any of those things now. Which is unfortunate because they were probably hilarious. Probably.

I’m older than I’ve ever been (and now I’m even older).

Bonus points if you can name the band without having to look it up. So, yeah. I’ve had a birthday which makes me twenty-three. I bounce back and forth between feeling super old and super young. Like among people in my ward, I tend to feel old. But I’m still the baby in my grad program so I guess it balances out.

I did lots of things for my birthday, most of which were in no way celebratory. My birthday this year happened to fall on a Wednesday, which is the busy day in my schedule. So I was on campus for about 13 hours that day. But I did eventually get home where my roommates were waiting with Texas cake (my favorite!) and presents and smiles. My roommate Claire wrote me a book that I’m pretty sure is well on its way to becoming a cult classic.

Parties are awkward, and so am I.

I was going to tell you a story about how I was awkward this week, but remembered that the story involved somebody who may or may not read this blog and that any potential reading of the situation would only make things awkwarder. So I’m going to refrain from telling you the story of how I’m awkward and talk about how awkward other people are. The following stories (as well as others which I will not include here) all managed to take place within the course of a single party.

I was going to explain this in words, but I really think the following picture does it justice, minus the fact that none of the people are properly proportioned.


I also got to witness an interesting interaction between two guys who for anonymity purposes we will call Jim and Gaston. Gaston is currently dating the girl that Jim likes. The following conversation will be funnier if you imagine Gaston’s parts being read in the voice of Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. Anyway, this is roughly (almost verbatim) how the conversation went.

Gaston (breaks off from intimate conversation with girlfriend): So Jim, what are you doing these days?

Jim: Work stuffs.

Gaston: That’s great. That sounds almost as manly as my work stuffs.

Gaston (after another few minutes of intimate conversation with the girlfriend): So Jim, what are your plans for this summer?

Jim: I’ll be sticking around here, doing more work stuffs. How about you?

Gaston: I’ll be going home to do manly stuffs like work out and drive monster trucks and use heavy machinery and fight dudes who look like trouble.

Jim: So when are you leaving?

Gaston: Right after finals.

Jim: Wow, that’s really soon.

Jim takes a drink because he’s secretly laughing at Gaston/ reveling in the fact that his rival will soon be across the country. I have to excuse myself from the table because the situation has become much too funny for me.

Finally, to top the evening off, I somehow wound up stuck listening to this guy tell the story of his first kiss. This might not have been so bad except that a) the story, no joke, was like half an hour long and b) did not actually involve any kissing. How can your first kiss story not end with a kiss? I couldn’t answer that. But I could tell you all about Sierra’s perfect, chocolate-brown eyes which have now been described to me in great detail. I remember this quite well, despite being beamed in the back of the head with a volleyball while trying to leave the party.

Yay socializing!

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “Back then I swore I was going to marry him someday, but I realized some bigger dreams of mine.”

“Little darling, I feel that ice is slowly melting. Little darling, it feels like years since it’s been clear.” Here Comes the Sun, The Beatles

“How many times will you let me change my mind and turn around? I can’t decide if I’ll let you save my life or if I’ll drown. I hope that you see right through my walls. I hope that you catch me, ’cause I’m already falling.” Arms, Christina Perri

“Now do you believe in rock’n’roll? Can music save your mortal soul? And can you teach me how to dance real slow? Well I know that you’re in love with him, ’cause I saw you dancing in the gym. You both kicked off your shoes. Man, I dig those rhythm and blues.” American Pie, Don McLean


Adventures of the Week 04/05/15

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The universe validates my poor life choices.

Actually, when I say the universe, I mostly mean my Japanese literature professor. You may remember that last week I decided to write an 8-page paper on a topic I knew nothing about in one evening. I got the paper back this week, and my professor said he loved it and that he really didn’t have any criticism. Of course, I’m happy he liked the paper and that I got full credit for it. On the other hand, it’s probably not good that I now feel totally justified in putting off working on the paper.

I’m too short to buy Peeps.

My family has a tradition of making Easter wagons out of candy (please refer to the pictures below). We do this because of sentimental reasons. Also because candy.

Purchasing the items necessary to complete Easter wagons this year was difficult due to many unforeseen circumstances including the following:

  1. They do not sell toothpicks anywhere in Provo, apparently.
  2. The Peeps were on the top shelf and I could not reach them. I also could not climb on the shelf to get them, as there was an impressionable young child there. This left me with no choice but to stare forlornly up at the marshmallow candies until somebody offered to help.
  3. I had to fight a guy to buy the last bag of jelly beans.
  4. There are a surprising number of choices for Life Savers, and I am not good at making high stakes choices like that. Like what if I got the tropical flavor and it ruined everything? The struggle is real, guys.
  5. Circus Peanuts are under appreciated candy, and therefore not sold anywhere.
  6. What the heck am I supposed to do with almost an entire bag of leftover shredded coconut?

Despite these challenges, wagons were made and enjoyed by all. Actually, I made a wagon with my roommates and my family, so if I’m having a perpetual sugar crash for the next several days, that’s why.

We also decorated eggs and had Peep battles in the microwave. Please enjoy the following pictures further depicting these adventures. Also a random picture of my baby cousin.


FullSizeRender (2)

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling twenty-two. Everything will be alright if you keep me next to you.”

“But if I could tell you one thing, I would tell you I’m not leaving. If I could show you one thing, all my mistakes have shaped me into who I am. And who I am just wants to make you home.” Trapeze, Dia Frampton

“Some hearts they just get all the right breaks. Some hearts have the stars on their side. Some hearts they just have it so easy. Some hearts just get lucky sometimes.” Some Hearts, Carrie Underwood

“You might think it’s hysterical, but I know when you’re weak. You think you’re in the movies, and everything’s so deep. But I think that you’re wild when you flash that fragile smile.” You Might Think, The Cars