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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Adventures of the Week 11/23

I’ve basically been checked out for Thanksgiving all week, which means shed some of my hermitude in favor of more interesting pursuits.

Burning More Stuff (Like wood, and my eyes)

You may remember that last week’s curry adventure resulted in me singing a few things. This week I also burned some more stuff, but it was rather more intentional as I was at a bonfire. The night was cold, but the blaze was hot. So hot that I couldn’t look straight at it. Sort of like Captain America.

In a Rare Show of Extreme Domesticity, I Made a Pie

Once upon a time there was this boy I liked, and somehow I managed to convince him that I was good at cooking. The guy is long since out of the picture, but for some reason, I’ve continued to feel a need to keep up this ruse that I’m really good in the kitchen. So instead of doing an easy pudding pie for my ward function, I decided to make a fancy carmel apple pie. I chose to do this despite the fact that I had never actually made a pie before. And the strange thing was, it was good. This is especially surprising because I didn’t actually follow the recipe.

Dating: Applications and Interrogations

Our house has a dating application. It started as a joke. But actually it’s kinda been working for us. Men have filled them out. Dates have happened. Relationships have been formed. Tonight we had an interrogationĀ interview of one of the men who recently started dating my roommate. Best part of the interview:

Me: If you could pick one and only one super power, what would it be?

Ben: Flying. Straight up.

Carol: You only want to be able to fly straight up?


Adventures of the Week 11/16

So I attempted to be more interesting this week than last week. Let’s take a look at the high lights.

I made curry and burnt everything. Except, oddly enough, the curry.

Lately I’ve had this obsession with curry, so I decided I was going to make some. It turned out well for the most part, especially considering that I made up my own recipe. I did burn the chicken a little bit. And my finger. And I may or may not have lit a hot pad on fire. All the same, the curry was good.


So I finally bought my copy of Taylor Swift’s new album. Which is a big deal because I’ve been a Swifty for years. I don’t mean this in a hipster way, but I liked her before she was super popular. Have I been listening to the album non stop for the past three days? Don’t be ridiculous. I turn it off when I sleep.

Ok. So that’s actually all I can think of in terms of interesting things this week. But that is two more things than last week so… Progress!

Adventures of the Week: The Need to Be More Interesting

Last week my roommates were talking about blogging, and it got me thinking that I should get back into weekly blogging. So I promised myself I would blog today.

And then I realized I’m super boring and have nothing to write about. Like really. Boring.

Here’s what I did this week:

  • Studied Japanese
  • Studied phonetics
  • Wrote a paper
  • Conducted a study using linguistic corpora
  • Decided studying at the library would really expand my horizons
  • Studied at the library
  • Took a test (which while not graded was a great reminder that I DO NOT know Japanese. Like at all).
  • Rejoiced when one of my classes was cancelled.
  • Took a moment to wonder what I’ve been eating all week since I don’t actually have any food.
  • Shook things up by studying at a different library
  • Thought a lot about how studying would be more fun if I had Taylor Swift’s new CD.

So yeah. If I want people to actually read this blog I’m going to have to become a more interesting person. Or lie. Or write about my roommates, who are more interesting than me.