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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Adventures of the Week 2/22/15

Spontaneous Pie

Once upon a time I used to do lots of really spontaneous things. Now I am old and boring and I do not do so many spontaneous things. But every so often I’ll be sitting in my pajamas on a Wednesday night eating a bowl of pasta when my roommate bursts in and is like “Hey, let’s go get free pie from Village Inn.” And I’m all “Okay, let me put my pasta back in the fridge and put on pants.” So I guess I am still capable of spontaneity. Also Kevin Worthen (the president of BYU) was at the table right next to us. So we basically had dinner with him. Except that actually he left almost as soon as we got there.

The Most Exciting Grocery Shopping Trip of My Life (Complete with potential abduction)

Most people hate going grocery shopping on a Saturday because it’s always more crowded. I sort of don’t mind, though. For one thing, on Saturday they give out free mini ice cream cones at Smiths. Saturday is also the day Matt the Flirty Cashier works. Yesterday was especially good because all the things I needed were on sale. They had really great prices on strawberries, and I may or may not have bought three boxes (I did). I also won a free Shammy. I don’t know what it does? Probably cleans stuff. At any rate, it was free and now I have one.

It was nice out yesterday afternoon so I decided to walk to the store to get some exercise. This guy driving by rolled down his window and waved to me. I waved back before realizing I had no idea who the guy was. He then circled the block so he could offer me a ride. At this point, I was a) enjoying my walk b) about twenty paces from my final destination and c) pretty sure I should not get in a car with a strange man. So I said no thanks and successfully avoided a potential abduction.

Jojo Moyes tweeted me

Jojo Moyes is a really awesome writer whose books I love and she tweeted me. I don’t expect you to fully appreciate how cool this is. Just be happy for me.

Other stuff happened this week. Probably stuff that’s more interesting than the whole grocery store episode. But I don’t feel like writing about it, so I’m not going to.


Here’s a picture from our mocktail party, which I didn’t write about because I was too busy discussing my shopping trip in great detail.

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “You took a Polaroid of us then discovered the rest of the world was black and white. But we were in screaming color.”

Other lyrics I like this week:

“I’ll play his messages. Analyze his intonation. Please stop me there, I’m even boring myself.” God Help the Girl, Catherine Ireton

“Suppose I kept on singing love songs. Just to break my own fall.” Fidelity, Regina Spektor

“Your mother warned you there’d be days like these. But she never told you when the world has brought you down to your knees that I’ll be there for you.” I’ll Be There For You, The Rebrandts


Adventures of the Week 2/15/15

I nearly kill everyone with poi balls.

I say nearly because poi balls aren’t actually all that dangerous unless they’re on fire, and mine happened to not be on fire. Nonetheless, I probably should never be entrusted with poi balls. Apparently I have no wrist coordination. Or any other coordination so to speak of. Oddly enough, when we started playing the stick throwing game, I never even came close to hurting anyone.

We could form a dating coup.

Our ward recently began a new endeavor to encourage dating. It’s called a dating box. Basically you can put the names of two people in the ward who you think should go on a date. If enough people recommend the couple, then the powers that be set the date up. I’m pretty sure entire the entire concept was inspired by a reality television show. The thing is, you can conspire with your roommates so that they all put your name and the name of the guy you like in. I have nine people living in my house, which means we have a lot of power where the dating box is concerned. Dating coup. It could happen.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day.

I know I have something of a reputation for being a jaded, man-tagonistic single person. But if we’re being totally honest, I don’t hate Valentine’s Day. I had a pretty great day. I took a nap. Ate pizza with my roommate and watched Barbie: The Princess and the Pauper. Somebody got me a flower! (It was me). I went to the library and did the whole “blind date with a book thing.” That was a little awkward, though. I checked out two books. One book I had already read, and the other I looked at and decided I would never read it. Which is oddly similar to how a lot of blind dates with men have gone. I got some books I’m excited about too, though and read one already. To top the day off, my roommates and I did a little decorating. In particular, we decided that taking the Christmas tree down would be too much work. So we decorated it for Mardi Gras.

FullSizeRender (1)

I thought the picture was better than this, but I’m too lazy to walk downstairs and take another one. You’ll have to take my word for it, but the tree is pretty fabulous.



Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “If I had known what I know now, I never would have played so nonchalant.”

Other lyrics I like this week (inspired by that guy playing banjo on campus):

“Some dance to remember, some dance to forget.” Hotel California, Eagles

“And if I die in Raleigh, at least I will die free.” Rock Me Mama, Old Crow Medicine Show

“And even though it all went wrong, I’ll stand before the Lord of Song with nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah.” Hallelujah, Leonard Cohen

Adventures of the Week 2/8/15

More adventures of the week. This time with pictures!

I don’t need a triple dog dare to freeze myself to things.

Tuesday I had just gotten out of the shower and went to get something out of the freezer. Somehow I managed to get my wet hair to freeze to the inside of the freezer. I’ve suffered a number of inconveniences on account of having long hair. This was new, though.

I make cakes now. Cakes are cool.

I’m something of an amateur cake decorator. This week I was excited to have a friend with a birthday so I could show off my mad skills. This time I went with a Doctor Who themed cake. It went pretty well, minus a couple hiccups with making the fondant. I tried out a new recipe. Which was a little stickier than expected.


I look like I’ve just finished strangling a smurf.

Also, I discovered that it doesn’t hold up quite as well as my other recipe. So the T.A.R.D.I.S. looks sort of melted. Otherwise, the final product was pretty good.

0206152244 (1)

Epic Saturdays

I know talking about the weather is boring, but it’s been insanely perfect here lately. Which contributed to what was basically a perfect Saturday. I spent time catching up with two good friends, took a nap, finished a book, got some writing done, and watched an episode of Gilmore Girls. The whole house was nice and clean because we’d just had cleaning checks. Like seriously. Does life get any better than that?

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “Long live all the mountains we moved. I had the time of my life fighting dragons with you.”

Other lyrics I like right now: “Is your IQ higher than your neighbors’, and is it very much higher than mine?” The Quiz, Hello Saferide

“You may be right. I may be crazy. But it just might be a lunatic you’re looking for.” You May Be Right, Billy Joel

“Needless to say, I’m odds and I’m ends. But that’s me, stumbling away. Slowly learning that life is okay.” Take On Me, A-ha

Adventures of the Week 2/1/15

My attempt to chronicle my life on this blog has sort of fallen by the wayside. But today I was looking at some past posts, and I got to thinking that I’m pretty funny. So I guess I’ll try getting back to it.

That one thing about middle school that wasn’t horribly terribly awful

At least once a week, I think to myself “Gee, I sure am glad I never have to be in middle school like ever again.” Because middle school is certifiably the worst. But I did participate in one middle school tradition this week that wasn’t awful. Friday night my I hauled my mattress into my roommates’ room so that we could have a sleep over. We played a rousing game of MASH, which divulged all the secrets of my future (things are looking hot, by the way). If you are unfamiliar with MASH, it really can’t be explained adequately in a post of this scope, but we can play it some time.

Baking curfews and doing ALL the things

I have a baking curfew. It’s 10:00 pm, and it’s very necessary because baking after that hour inevitably seems to fail. This week, however, I had a random energy surge at about 10:00. So I decided to make muffins. Then I finished a book. And started another book. I didn’t get much sleep that night. On the bright side, the muffins were delicious, even though they were made after my baking curfew. I did maybe get flour all over me and the kitchen. But since the muffins were good, it was sort of a moot point.

There’s no people like show people

This week I saw the Count of Monte Cristo musical at BYU. I’m somewhat obsessed with the theater, so this was super cool for me. I’ve just been wanting to geek out about it. Also, Mondego is to me the most interesting character in the show. I could totally rewrite the musical from his perspective. I think it would be fascinating. On a related note, I sort of want to write fanfiction. Not so much for Harry Potter, but for classics. Which is just as well, since it seems like fanfics about classics are more legitimized than other fanfics.