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Adventures of the Week 5/24/15

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Psycholinguistics is a (corn) blast!

This term I’ve been taking a psycholinguistics class, and so far it’s been pretty interesting. We’re currently meeting in a teleconference room because our teacher had surgery a couple weeks ago and is broadcasting class to us from his home while he recovers. Thursday was particularly interesting because he had to cancel class early. Now, I’m never opposed to short class periods, but I think this one wins for best reason to cut short. We had to stop class because my teacher was having his house corn blasted. What is corn blasting you ask? Apparently it’s just like sandblasting, but with corn. I don’t actually know what sandblasting is either, or what the purpose of it is. Apparently his house was not air tight though, which made the whole thing very problematic.

I would not win a Caldecott

This week in my children’s literature class we were studying illustrations, so we had to make a poster based on our favorite Caldecott winner. This was an interesting endeavor for me since I have no artistic skills. I chose the book Golem which has illustrations made from cut paper. So I made a masterful recreation, as you can see below.


I had a little trouble with the ‘M’. And most of the rest of it as well. The awkward thing was all of the glue sticks I own are apparently dried up. But I didn’t have to turn in the actual poster, just a picture. So I took a picture of it without gluing it and now it’s just sitting on my bedroom floor because I don’t know if I’m going to need it in the future.

I’m just going to stop now because my roommate is telling me how she went to a polygamist barbecue this weekend, and my life is just not that exciting.

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “Ain’t no use defending words words that you will never say.”

Other lyrics I like this week:

“We were all in love, and we all got hurt.” White Houses, Vanessa Carlton

“I’m sorry but I’m just thinking of the right words to say. I know they don’t sound the way I planned them to be.” The Promise, When in Rome

“Well I’m available to take a chance and I’m available to start a new romance. I’d be agreeable cuz I’m hoping you will be available too.” Margie Rayburn


Adventures of the Week 5/17/15

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Nelsons! The Musical

In response to my post last week, Miranda commented that somebody should write a book about the Nelson sisters. We could be like the March sisters or the Penderwicks. And I was onboard. But then I was like, why stop at a book? Why not a full length theatric production? With music and outstanding choreography. I mean, we like musicals. I was thinking we could cast Taylor Swift as me, Kristen Bell as Madison, Anna Kendrick as Paige, and Miranda as Miranda.

The choreography would consist of the shimmy, the hand jive, and various types of Polynesian dance (including but not limited to the stick throwing game and that really fast hip thing).

The show would also include some hit songs across a variety of musical genres including:

  • Our Musical Dad (company)
  • Who Burned the Bratwurst? (Colton, Madison, Kyra, and Dad)
  • Belly, Belly Button (You’re Oh So Fine) (Paige)
  • We’re Going on A Spontaneous Road Trip Because Dad is Bored Again (Mom, Kyra, Miranda, Madison, Paige, Colton)
  • Stop Clawing Me (Kyra, Miranda, Madison, Paige, Colton)
  • Carsick (Mom, Dad, Kyra, Miranda, Madison, Paige, Colton)
  • Monty, Don’t Pee On That! (Miranda and Mom)
  • Middle Child (Madison)
  • The Emotional Breakdown Song (Kyra, Miranda, Madison, Paige) (Act I Finale)
  • Sleeping Shirts! (Mom, Kyra, Miranda, Madison, Paige)
  • Foamalicious Drinkage (Kyra)
  • Kick the Pickle, Kickle the Pick (Mom, Dad, Kyra, Miranda, Madison, Paige, Colton)
  • I’m Not a Llama (Miranda)
  • The Only Boy (Colton)
  • Snow Bot (company)
  • New Pajamas (company)
  • Ice Cream Every Week (company)
  • Our Musical Dad Reprise (company) (Finale)

I’m pretty sure it could win a few Tony awards. I think the promo photo for New Pajamas could look something like this. As you can see, Colton is modeling some of the Polynesian inspired choreography.

New Pajamas

Easter Tree

Okay, so this is way old news but the Christmas tree has now continued it’s progression from Christmas tree to Mardi Gras tree to Pi Day Tree to Easter tree.

easter tree

I bought sugar free pudding because I’m a moron.

So… I’ve actually been kind of boring this week. Like most of it was just productive school stuff except for yesterday. Yesterday I decided it was too cold to do anything, so I spent most of the day napping and putting off the writing of a paper that only ended up taking 20 minutes to finish. To reward myself for finishing the paper, I decided to make myself some pudding by all I had was sugar free pudding. Like how does that even happen? Sugar free pudding is the worst and in doesn’t even set up properly. Clearly, I need to pay more attention when I’m grocery shopping.

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “I told myself don’t get attached, but in my mind I play it back spinning faster than the plane that took you.”

Other lyrics I like this week:

“Can’t we be sweethearts? Why don’t we fall in love?” Can’t We Be Sweethearts?, Dion

“I wanna know if you ever plan to hold my hand.” Crazy Love, Mindy Gledhill

“Take me back to the way I was before. Hungry for what was to come. Now I’m longing for the way I was.” Don’t Save Me, HAIM

This is what a feminist looks like

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I’ve been noticing recently that people in some of my social circles seem to think that feminism is a dirty word. I find this a little disheartening, since I consider myself a feminist.

No, I don’t get offended when men hold doors open for me. No, I don’t hate men or think that women are better than men. No, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to be a stay-at-home mother.

There are a lot of misconceptions about feminism, what it is and what it isn’t. Perhaps feminism gets a bad name because of the actions of certain radicals. However, most feminists are perfectly reasonable people. I don’t think it’s fair to discredit the concerns addressed by the majority of feminists because some radical feminists are off-putting. That’s why I’m proud to say that I am a feminist.

I’m a feminist because I think it’s wrong that we spend more time teaching women how to avoid being raped than we spend teaching men not to rape women. Because I shouldn’t have to carry my keys as a weapon when walking to my car at night. Because no means no.

Because body shaming disproportionately affects women. Because watching a four-year-old girl worry about getting fat makes me cry.

Because I have friends working in male dominated environments, and sometimes they experience unwarranted hostility in these environments. Some of these friends don’t feel that they have opportunities for advancement in these jobs because promotions are never given to the women.

Because it’s not right to assume that women who want to have a career are selfish or to assume that women who want to stay home are lazy. Nor do I think it’s right to assume that all women want to have kids or that not wanting to have kids makes you a selfish, terrible person.

Because things that are “girly” are inherently seen as less cool. Because I don’t want boys who like “girl” things to feel ashamed of what they love, and I don’t want girls to assume that the things they love aren’t important.

Because it’s nobody else’s business whether I decide to wear make-up or not. Nor is it their business how long I choose to keep my hair, or what type of accessories I want to wear.

Because it’s wrong that people can discredit any of my opinions they disagree with by making the argument that I’m PMSing or that I’m just being emotional. Yes, I have emotions. That’s not reasonable grounds for invalidating my argument. And because it’s wrong to make anyone, male or female, feel weak for expressing emotions.

Because being catcalled isn’t flattering. It’s demeaning. And quite frankly, a little scary sometimes.

Because “like a girl” is still considered an insult.

Because female students and teachers have had acid thrown at their faces for going to school.

Because I grew up thinking that I couldn’t be funny because I was told that men were funnier than women.

Because male students in my class think it’s okay to refer to me and my fellow TA as “you girls” when complaining about how we graded something, even when the student is younger than both of us.

Because I think it’s unfair that a woman jogging in short shorts or yoga pants is somehow more offensive than a man running shirtless or in spandex.

Because when I say I like super heroes or sports, I shouldn’t have to be quizzed to see if I’m a “real fan” or just there to oogle attractive men. And because I think it’s dumb that they don’t make super hero toys for girls, even though a lot of girls want to be super too.

Because I don’t like the that boys won’t read books about girls, even though nobody cares if a girl reads a book about a boy. And because it’s flat out wrong that boys should be uninvited when a female author comes to speak at their school.

To me, feminism is all about liberating women and men alike from the burdens of gender roles. I’m not trying to dump on men, or say that all men are evil misogynists. And I do realize that there are ways in which society is unfair to men. I want to address those issues too. At the end of the day, I just think people should be treated like people, regardless of what gender they are.

And maybe I will make you a sandwich. But if I do, it’s because I love you. Not because I’m a woman.


The Beautiful Ladies in My Life

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I’m taking a break from my regular “Adventures of the Week” for a special Mothers’ Day post. Besides, nothing particularly interesting happened to me this week. Except when the landlord walked in on me getting out of the shower. I guess that was interesting.*

Originally I’d planned to make this post all about my mom. But then I saw this picture on Facebook.


In case you didn’t know, these three are my really beautiful sisters. Anyway, I saw this picture and got a little emotional because they’re seriously so pretty. It made me really wish I was there, because I’m so proud to be part of this gang.

That said, if it weren’t for my mom, I’m pretty sure we’d all be dorky losers instead of just regular dorks. I tried to find a picture of my mom on Facebook, but it was kind of hard since all she posts on there is pictures of us.


I’ve spent most of the day trying to think of a good way to sum up how I feel about my mom. I know everyone says that their mom is the best. I guess it’s probably true for everyone too, because I know that my mom was the best mom I could have had. I owe all the good things I am to her.

And after thinking all day about what to write, I couldn’t really come up with anything clever or good. The best I can think of is that my mom does everything. And she is everything to me.

Love you oodles, Mom.

There are a lot of Taylor Swift songs I love, but only one that makes me cry.

*Once I was dressed again, the landlord asked me if there was anything that needed fixing. Somehow it didn’t occur to me to ask if we could get the lock on the bathroom door fixed.

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It’s been a couple weeks since I blogged, but I’ll try to recapture some of the highlights.

Productive Insomnia

College is sort of funny because sometimes you have insomnia the night before your Japanese oral exam, so you wander downstairs to get a drink, thinking it will help you sleep better. And while you’re down stairs you bump into your roommate, and your roommate is all “Hey, I’m building a chair. Do you want to help?” And you’re like “Sure.” But the chair is actually really elaborate and you end up working on it until 2:30 in the morning.

The chair is actually much more comfortable than it looks.

The chair is actually much more comfortable than it looks.

We can’t cook anything because my sister has too many flowers.

So while I was in Billings, I got to see my sister staring in Honk! The Musical. Basically she crushed it, which was awesome. I went and saw it all three nights. Which is fun, because then pick up on things, like when one of the character’s randomly starts wearing a yarmulke. Also, my sister ended up with like seven bouquets of flowers, and now there’s no room left in the kitchen.



My one irrational fear.

Being that my dad is an ER doctor and we’ve had many a dinner discussion involving lacerations and such, I’m not particularly squeamish. Except when it comes to the mouth. Don’t ask me why, but blood in the mouth just really freaks me out. As such, I have excellent oral health. I haven’t had a cavity since I was a kid. Until recently. So I had to have a cavity filled. And it was so much worse than I remembered. So, so much worse.

Taylor Swift lyrics of the week: “I’m not much for dancing, but for you I did.”

Some lyrics I like from Honk!:

“Different isn’t naughty, different isn’t bad. So why should being different make me sad?” Different

“Even some potatoes have got nice eyes.” Warts and All

“I thought I knew what beautiful was, but now I’ve see you.” Now I’ve Seen You