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Dear Miranda: Mulan is basically the story of my life.

In response to Dear Kyra: Top 5 Gothic Archies Lyrics

Dear Miranda,

Oddly enough, I did know what a yurt is, for no particular reason other than that my brain appears to be a magnet for random facts.

Kyra's brain

Kyra’s brain

You like that? I drew it myself! I got skillz.

Anyway, sorry for being so slow blogging you back. I was kinda busy last week, trying to get ready for you guys to come to town. But I was thinking about this post a couple weeks ago.  I was watching Mulan because that movie is awesome. I had also just finished reading a post by Matthew (the guy I always torment…in a loving way). It’s called Why Toy Story 3 and Life are Basically the Same Thing.

So I was watching Mulan this go around  and all the sudden I was like “This is the story of my life.” Ok. Maybe I haven’t run away from home, dressed as a man to join the army, made friends with a dragon, defeated an army of Huns, saved China, or used fireworks to blow up the most evil man I’ve ever met (to be fair, the most evil man I’ve ever met is probably just my high school debate rival, Chad. He probably doesn’t deserve to be annihilated via fireworks. But his orange briefcase was really hideous.).

I know what you’re thinking. Kyra that doesn’t sound anything like your life. But my epiphany actually came while I was watching the matchmaker scene.

mulan matchmaker

My line of thought was something like this: Everybody just wants Mulan to get married. Everybody wants me to get married! I bet if BYU could, they would employ a professional matchmaker to get everyone hitched. Meeting the matchmaker probably would not go much better for me than it did for Mulan. I’m going to die alone.

Literally everyone is eager to tell Mulan how to land a man!


But she’s still just not that smooth.


In fact she’s not very good at a lot of things.



But she has an awesome family.



And some help from awesome friends.



She’s clever



And persistent


In the end, being herself is what works for her.


And I guess I relate to that. Who knows? It just might work out for me too. When it was all said and done, Mulan did get the guy. There may be hope for me too.


Love, Kyra



Fantastically Feminine: Mattie Ross

Most of the ladies featured in my Fantastically Feminine Fridays come from stories I really enjoyed. Let me be clear: I did not like True Grit. I will never watch it again. Why? Because not even the combined forces of an excellent female protagonist and a remarkable performance by Matt Damon could save this movie. Nonetheless, I was so impressed by Hailee Steinfeld’s character Mattie, that I decided to feature her anyway.

So the whole story revolves around the fact that Mattie wants to avenge her father’s murder. So she rounds up so help, drives some hard bargains and sets out to Indian Territory to track down the killer. Oh, and she’s only 14 years old when she does all this.

And if there’s anybody in this movie who shows “true grit” it’s Mattie. She takes her father’s killer head on. And she takes him down.

Overall conclusions? Mattie Ross=awesome. Matt Damon= awesome. True Grit as a whole= not so awesome.


Fantastically Feminine: Ariadne

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I’m among the Inception fanatics. Who isn’t? And one of my favorite things about the movie is Ariadne. She’s smart. She’s the one who’s able to help Cobb figure out all his issues with his wife. Ariadne catches on to dream building faster than anybody. She picks up on little details and uses them to better understand what’s going on. She can think on her feet and has creative solutions to problems that arise.

And we all know Arthur (who’s also very cool) totally has a thing for her.

Fantastically Feminine: Snow

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So Mirror Mirror didn’t get fantastic reviews. And I don’t know why. I happened to really like it. It’s everything a fairy tale retelling should be. The dwarves are funny. The antagonist is ridiculously self centered. The prince is foxy (and shirtless for a fair portion of the movie). Most important, though. The protagonist (Snow White) is brilliant.

Snow White begins the movie as kind and generous. She’s bright and an avid reader. And under the tutelage of the dwarves, she becomes an awesome butt-kicking, sword fighting force of awesomeness. The movie even plays on the idea that there are plenty of stories with damsels in distress. This didn’t need to be another one.

So the movie has it’s touch of cheesiness. For one thing the costumes are utterly ridiculous. But I think that all just adds to the charm of the movie.

Noses: A Force for Good

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Everyone knows Voldemort is more or less the face of evil for the modern generation. Everyone has also noticed that he doesn’t have a nose. Other recent villains have taken after Voldemort and gone nose-less.

See. No noses! And it doesn’t stop there. Check out these Scooby Doo villains.

And then there are a couple other random villains from the world of super heroes:

Clayface of Batman fame

For those of you who saw the end credits teaser in Avengers, the bad guy was Thanos, and he’s in love with Lady Death shown here. That’s why he smiled when The Other said to fight humans was “to court death.”

Scarecrow, also from Batman

Slade from Teen Titans

Red Hood…also also from Batman

The conclusion? Noses matter. So respect the olfactory organ. Lose it and you could become a villain. That’s bad news.