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41 Ways to respond to “Why are you still single?”

If you’re single, one of the most annoying things people might do is ask you why. Like they think there’s one thing keeping you from a life of dating bliss. Never fear, though. There are ways to answer this question.

You can always try this approach:awkward

Or if that’s just not your style, here are a few others.

  1. The Venn diagram of people who like me and people who I like is a picture of two circles that aren’t touching.
  2. I scare potential dates away with my awesomeness.
  3. I’m not single. I’m available.
  4. I don’t know. My internet pick up lines are great!
  5. If I knew the answer to that, then I wouldn’t be single.
  6. I always delete the emails that advertise local singles.
  7. I’m in too in love with Captain America (or other fictional crush) to be satisfied with real men.
  8. I have high standards.
  9. Interesting question. I never thought about it before.
  10. I haven’t had time to go through all the applications of people wanting to date me.
  11. Dating would ruin my career as a professional a third wheel.
  12. Why are you (insert random attribute)?
  13. Your guess is as good as mine!
  14. I don’t like to share my food.
  15. I like that Beyonce song too much.
  16. I’m so hot that potential dates assume I’m taken.
  17. So many people like me it’s hard to choose!
  18. I like not having to shave and eating Nutella straight from the jar.
  19. I’ve never met somebody who loves me half as much as my daddy does.
  20. I don’t want my arch-nemesis to be able to use a loved one against me.
  21. My last boyfriend/girlfriend turned out to be a robot.
  22. If I told you, I’d have to kill you.
  23. Nobody appreciates my theory on how aliens are using us as lab rats.
  24. Sorry, I don’t understand the question.
  25. I ran out of milkshake.
  26. Studies show that people who marry later in life are more likely to stay together.
  27. Why wouldn’t I be single?
  28. I’m allergic to attractive people.
  29. I’m too busy with my plot to take over the world.
  30. The post lost my mail order bride/groom
  31. I collect Furbies.
  32. I’m not with stupid anymore.
  33. I’d rather be alone than with the wrong person.
  34. The love of my life has amnesia and doesn’t remember me.
  35. Patience is a virtue
  36. All my dates go running when my dad brings out his gun.
  37. I’m not single. I have an imaginary boyfriend/girlfriend.
  38. I want my cats to grow up in a stable environment.
  39. Chris Evans (or other celebrity crush) hasn’t responded to my emails yet.
  40. Because I don’t have a girlfriend/boyfriend.
  41. I’m worth not settling.

Some of these responses are a little stupid. But sometimes a stupid question merits a stupid response. And here’s a video for good measure:


A Years Worth of Dates

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So this is what I did for my best friend’s wedding gift. A basket with a years worth of dates ideas and stuff to do them with. And since I felt like it turned out pretty well, I decided to share it with the interweb. Here’s the list. You can adapt it as you wish. The bold are things you can put in the basket.

  1. Watch a sunrise together. Drink hot chocolate.
  2. Do a Puzzle together
  3. Have a water balloon fight
  4. Watch a movie. Eat popcorn
  5. Race toy cars
  6. Write letters to yourselves 5 years from now.
  7. Race tin foil boats
  8. Blow bubbles
  9. Wal-Mart Bingo (Create bingo cards with different things people might see at Walmart)
  10. Go hiking.
  11. Do pudding paintings
  12. Stargaze
  13. Play the sticky note game Each person has a pad of sticky notes. They have to put as many on the walls as they can while trying to tear down their opponents.
  14. Play chess
  15. Do chalk drawings
  16. Design your own dream house.
  17. Play with pop-its
  18. Have a paper airplane contes
  19. Go on a bike ride together
  20. Make Jello sculptures
  21. Play with play doh
  22. Fly a kite
  23. Make a Rubber Band ball
  24. Play with glowsticks
  25. Go to a Museum
  26. Make tin foil hats
  27. Play hide and go seek
  28. Build a sand castle
  29. Drink Martinellis
  30. Have a marshmallow fight
  31. Play a card game
  32. Write a bucket list
  33. Draw faces on balloons
  34. Build a blanket fort
  35. Play the dot game
  36. Play tic tac toe
  37.  Silly String. Nuff said.
  38. Make something with duct tape
  39. Play liar’s dice
  40. Watch a baseball game cracker jax
  41. Bake muffins
  42. Write your own comic book starring a hero with goofy powers.
  43. Slow dance
  44. Have a spa night
  45. Hand out cookies to strangers
  46. Make a time capsule
  47. Paint a flower pot
  48. Do a Photo Scavenger Hunt
  49. Go bowling
  50. Colored water balloon fight (white t-shirts with names/logos/etc, squirt guns and water balloons filled with Kool-Aid)
  51. Go around the city with sidewalk chalk and draw hearts with equations on random things
  52. Write book love letters (book from goodwill). Choose a page in a book and create a custom love letter from existing words. Block out words and phrases in marker only to leave words and phrases to be read.