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Dear Miranda: Matt Smith is cool

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Dear Miranda:

Thanks for reminding me that I haven’t posted a Fantastically Feminine Friday for like a year. I’m sure my followers (both of them) are disappointed.

I think if I were to do a Fantastically Feminine Friday today (since it is indeed Friday) I would choose one of the Doctor’s companions. Except that there are so many to choose from, and so many are fantastic. I haven’t even seen an episode with Clara, yet. But I already like her.

Why the Doctor Who mania? Well drum roll…

I was in the same room as Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman!!!

Ok, so I was actually still really far away from him. Like he was on stage and I was about six stories above him. Nonetheless… how cool is that?

Matt Smith

Matt Smith

Jenna Coleman

Jenna Coleman


So every summer the BBC puts on a series of concerts called Proms. The idea is to provide the public with low-priced, high-quality music. One of the Proms concerts was Doctor Who themed. The orchestra played music featured in the show and the MC’s were Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman. The guy who played the fifth doctor was also there. They even had a joke about how Matt Smith’s hair was shorter than it is in the show.

They have these huge screens everywhere where they’d show clips from the show while the orchestra was playing and a lot of the time they’d have people dressed as monsters from the show running around the stage or in the audience.

Royal Albert Hall with one of the big screens

Royal Albert Hall with one of the big screens

Daleks invade the concert

Daleks invade the concert

So the less glamorous part is that we waited in line for like two hours before the show even started. And our tickets were standing, so my feet were pretty dead by the time it was over. Also, it was way crowded which made the concert hall like a bajillion degrees. Still… it was way cool. Wish you could have been there.

Me and Sarah (the only other person in our group willing to put up with the waiting and the crowds and the heat). Do we look drenched in sweat, cus we are.

Me and Sarah (the only other person in our group willing to put up with the waiting and the crowds and the heat). Do we look drenched in sweat, cus we are.

Now I just need to run into Benedict Cumberbatch somewhere, right?



P.S. You’re a slacker for not putting pictures of Grandma’s birthday party.




Top 10 They Might Be Giants Lyrics

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So I’m sharing a car with my sister Miranda and while I was away for college she removed all the CDs in the car that I liked and replaced them with CDs I didn’t want to listen to. For some reason, the only CD she had left in the car that I particularly wanted to listen to was Collin Raye’s greatest hits CD. I happen to love that CD and can sing every word to every song. But after listening to it ten times through in about two days I decided to track down my old CDs.

I didn’t find them. Well, not for awhile anyway. In the meantime, though, I did rediscover our copy of They Might Be Giant’s Flood. I happened to be listening to it when I picked up my younger brother from a friend’s house. Today I was incredibly proud when he asked if he could change the CD in our car so we could “listen to that whistling in the dark song.”


Uh… anyway. Here’s my top 10 countdown of They Might Be Giants lyrics. But just from the album Flood. Because doing a compilation from all their albums would be too much work.

10. “I will never apologize for when I was eight and I made my younger brother have to be my personal slave.” Dead

9. “A man came up to me and said ‘I’d like to change your mind. By hitting you with a rock’ he said ‘though I am not unkind.” Whistling in the Dark

8.”Is he a dot or is he a speck? When he’s under water does he get wet? Or does the water get him instead? Nobody knows. Particle  man.” Particle Man

7. “Every gal in Constantinople lives in Istanbul not Constantinople. So if you’ve a date in Constantinople, she’ll be waiting in Istanbul.” Istanbul

6. “Minimum wage! Hiya!” Minimum Wage (can a whip crack count as a lyric?)

5. “Why did Constantinople get the works? That’s nobody’s business but the Turks.” Istanbul

4. “But I was young and foolish then. I feel old and foolish now.” Lucky Ball and Chain

3. “I’ll never see myself in the mirror with my eyes closed.” Dead

2. “There’s a picture opposite me of my primitive ancestry which stood on rocky shores and kept the beaches shipwreck free. Though I respect that a lot, I’d be fired if that were my job. After killing Jason off and countless screaming Argonauts.” Birdhouse in Your Soul

1. “Sure as you can’t steer a train, you can’t change your fate.” Lucky Ball and Chain

Also: did you know that the song Bird House in Your Soul is actually about a nightlight?

Fantastically Feminine: Mattie Ross

Most of the ladies featured in my Fantastically Feminine Fridays come from stories I really enjoyed. Let me be clear: I did not like True Grit. I will never watch it again. Why? Because not even the combined forces of an excellent female protagonist and a remarkable performance by Matt Damon could save this movie. Nonetheless, I was so impressed by Hailee Steinfeld’s character Mattie, that I decided to feature her anyway.

So the whole story revolves around the fact that Mattie wants to avenge her father’s murder. So she rounds up so help, drives some hard bargains and sets out to Indian Territory to track down the killer. Oh, and she’s only 14 years old when she does all this.

And if there’s anybody in this movie who shows “true grit” it’s Mattie. She takes her father’s killer head on. And she takes him down.

Overall conclusions? Mattie Ross=awesome. Matt Damon= awesome. True Grit as a whole= not so awesome.


Fantastically Feminine: Snow

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So Mirror Mirror didn’t get fantastic reviews. And I don’t know why. I happened to really like it. It’s everything a fairy tale retelling should be. The dwarves are funny. The antagonist is ridiculously self centered. The prince is foxy (and shirtless for a fair portion of the movie). Most important, though. The protagonist (Snow White) is brilliant.

Snow White begins the movie as kind and generous. She’s bright and an avid reader. And under the tutelage of the dwarves, she becomes an awesome butt-kicking, sword fighting force of awesomeness. The movie even plays on the idea that there are plenty of stories with damsels in distress. This didn’t need to be another one.

So the movie has it’s touch of cheesiness. For one thing the costumes are utterly ridiculous. But I think that all just adds to the charm of the movie.

The Pickle Kick (or the kickle pick)

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Last week Miranda was eating all the pickles in the house. My dad asked why my mom kept buying so many pickles, and I told him that Miranda was on a pickle kick. So of course my dad decided to make a sport out of it. Here is video footage of our very first ever pickle kick. Pickle kick is actually quite hard to say, though. Mostly people kept calling it a kickle pick.


  1. The pickle must land between the fence posts
  2. Pickles are to be kicked barefoot
  3. Each person gets two fault kicks, but as soon as there is a valid pickle kick, the person is done with their turn
  4. If the pickle breaks, the section which went the farthest is counted.

And after you are done your feet end up smelling like pickles. There were some protests from my family about putting this online. Something about how everyone will know how weird we are. Oh well. Here’s the video footage.

And the dog was really mad when we took away his pickle.

Fantastically Feminine: Marianne Daventry

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Is it Friday again already? Well I don’t have a lot of time today, but this is another shout out for an excellent book. Today’s subject is Marianne Daventry, the lead character in debut author Julianne Donaldson’s Edenbrooke. The story is that of a Jane Austen style romance. Now, I’m typically not one for romance novels. But this one was so superbly written. And the characters, including Marianne, were so well done.

Marianne struggles with trying to live up to her twin sister and with her complete inability to recognize that a totally attractive guy is way into her. Still, there’s something about her. It’s something that I can’t quite place that just makes her an adorable character. You’ll just have to read to find out. And major props to Jullianne Donaldson. Confession: I’m totally jealous of how well she managed to write that book. It’s just beautiful. Don’t believe me? Check out the Goodreads review.

50 More Ways to Say Goodbye

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First- this post won’t make any sense if you’re not familiar with Train’s song “50 Ways to Say Goodbye.” It’s a delightful little number which I’ve included here for your convenience.

Yes, it’s a great song. And no, you weren’t imagining when you thought it sounded like a mariachi version of Phantom of the Opera. Anyway since Mr.Monahan is out of ways to say his former girlfriend died, I offer the following 50 ways.

  1. Choked on a gum ball
  2. Flattened by a zamboni
  3. Picked up by a tornado
  4. Strapped to a rocket
  5. Struck by lightning
  6. Attacked by a badger
  7. Crushed by a wild mob
  8. Froze in a snowstorm
  9. Caught in an avalanche
  10. Sucked in a turbine
  11. Had a coconut fall on her head
  12. Tripped off a building
  13. Fell through while ice fishing
  14. Hit by a firecracker
  15. Zapped by a wet toaster
  16. Smacked with a baseball bat
  17. Ate some poisoned mushrooms
  18. Bit by a rabid monkey
  19. Stepped too close to a bonfire
  20. Impaled by an icicle
  21. Crushed by a rolling bale of hay
  22. Rode her bike off a cliff
  23. Impaled by a rhino
  24. Ran into some cannibals
  25. Caught the black plague
  26. Bid by a black widow
  27. Went running with scissors
  28. Smashed under a piano
  29. Sucked into a black hole
  30. Insulted Chuck Norris
  31. Slain by some ninjas
  32. Hugged a cactus
  33. Sat on by a sumo wrestler
  34. Stung by a jelly fish
  35. Skied off a mountain
  36. Snagged by a bear trap
  37. Starved in Siberia
  38. Ran into a wolverine
  39. Stuck on an island
  40. Scared half to death twice
  41. Became a vampire’s lunch
  42. Fried by some lava
  43. Scuba tank had a leak
  44. Played tribute in the Hunger Games
  45. Sacrificed by some Aztecs
  46. Had a faulty parachute
  47. Beat to death with a spatula
  48. Forced to walk the plank
  49. Elevator dropped 20 floors
  50. Contracted a rare tropical disease

There you have it. 50 more ways to say goodbye.