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Dear 2011 Kyra

Dear 2011 Kyra,

Take a deep breath. It’s going to be a big year for you.

You’ve just experienced your first real heartbreak. You’ve been blindsided by it. You’re not sure how you’ll trust the next boy who comes along, but you will. More easily than you’d expect.

Man, does it sting, though. It’s the first thing to break in a long line of things you thought were unbreakable.

You’re also about to fall super duper just-like-a-fairy-tale in love. It doesn’t work out.

Actually, most of the things you try to do over the next few years won’t work out for you. Except for school. You’ve got that one covered.

You’re about to lose your best friend. You’ll wait for her to come back, but she won’t.

You’ll have somebody you thought was your friend tell you’re not good enough. He won’t be the last one to do so.

You’re going to be angry. More angry than you knew was possible.

You’ll have your first brush with depression. You’ll call it “a serious funk.”

You’re going to feel like your friends are leaving you in the dust. You’re going to feel like something’s wrong with you because you’re not going on enough dates. You’ll feel so lonely.

You’re going to start feeling like your life is spiraling out of control. That feeling will stick around for awhile.

To be honest, rereading the journal entries you write in 2011 is making me cry.

Buckle up, girl. It’s going to be a rough road.

Years later, when you look back and try to decide when your life started to unravel, you’ll think maybe it was 2011. But you’ll also look back on it as the year your life really started.

Here’s the thing about you. You’re an enteral optimist. You believe in magic and heroes and love and all manner of impossible things. The one thing you don’t believe in is yourself. But that will change.

Because as you’re realizing that so often the world is less than you think it should be, you’ll also start realizing you’re more than you thought you could be.

The truth is that you are simply remarkable.

Sometimes I wish I could go back in time and warn you about everything that’s going to happen. But you’ve done pretty okay for yourself anyway.

You’re Girl Wonder, and you’ve got this.


2017 Kyra

super kyra


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