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No, You Move

Today I am hurting.

Let me be clear. I wouldn’t go through the trouble of writing a post because I’m disappointed my candidate didn’t win. I come from a family, state, and religion that is predominantly more conservative than I am. I work with people who are predominantly more liberal than I am. I can handle opposing sides and being on the losing side of a debate.

But in the words of Captain America, I don’t like bullies. It doesn’t matter where they come from. And Donald Trump is a bully.

Trump ran a campaign built entirely on hate rhetoric and won. When forced to choose between a woman who mishandled emails and an accused rapist, somehow our country decided that the man who brags about sexual assault would be a better option.

So don’t you dare try to tell me that the legal system protects women against sexual harassment. Don’t tell me that people take rape claims seriously.

Last night as shocked analysts struggled to explain how all our polls could have been so misleading, all I could think is this: The polls were wrong because people didn’t want to admit they were voting for Trump. They knew he was bad. They voted for him anyway.

What’s done is done. But if you knew he was bad and rationalized it away, I ask you this now. What you are going to do to combat the damage he’s done?

If you recognize that he is misogynistic, what will you do to fight misogyny? If you recognize that he’s homophobic, what will you do to fight homophobia? If you recognize that he’s racist, what will you do to fight racism?

I can only control my own actions, but I am promising today to do everything I can to fight for what I believe in.

What I believe in is love and kindness and treating people in a Christ-like way. I believe in offering a helping hand to those in need. I believe in listening to those we disagree with. I believe in empowering people to be good.

I don’t have much. But I have my words and I will use them. To some, this might make me a “nasty” woman.

You haven’t seen nasty yet.

Because I will not shut up. I will keep standing up to bullies and trying to make the world a better place.

We all need to take ownership of our country and our actions. Starting today.

It’s time to start moving forward.



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  1. This made me cry. Thank you.

  2. I’m sorry Kinze. I don’t think anyone is thrilled about this outcome. I personally did not decide who I would vote for until the day before the election. I’m not happy with the two parties and I despise Trump. I am scared that he will not be mellowed by the office or by the people around him. I am embarrassed that he represents our country. On the other hand Hillary has more than a few mishandled emails. I would never claim that standing by or even making victims look horrible is as bad as the actual sexual assault. That’s ridiculous. However, Hillary has done just that when her husband repeatedly (even while in office) took the same disgusting actions as Donald Trump. I would love to see a woman in the white house, but I cannot vote for someone with whom I disagree on most policies. I had to look at the big, long term picture and look at policies I could agree with: energy exploration, conservative supreme court justices who will hopefully USE our constitution once in a while, less government in our lives, removing the burden of Obamacare (yes, my insurance premium has doubled in the last couple of years, I’m old; it matters). I don’t know that Trump can be trusted to change any of these things or anything he said for that matter, but I know that Hillary would have done everything in her power to implement the policies she promotes. It’s an ugly situation and I’m sorry you’re so upset. I am pretty unhappy as well. Love yer guts!

    • Love you too. Upset by the outcome, but forgiving of those who voted differently from me. All the same. My challenge remains. You know he’s bad. So what are you going to DO to combat the bad?

  3. When the Dems run a career criminal, what other options did we have?

    • Thank you for your assumption that I haven’t adequately read up on each of the candidates. I’m well aware that Hillary is problematic. But Republicans have just as much responsibility to own up to the fact that they picked Donald as the Democrats do for picking Hillary.

      If it were still pre-election, I might have some interest in debating which candidate was really worse. I don’t see any point in doing that now. The whole point of this post is that Trump won and you don’t need to continue defending him. Now that he’s won you can (and should) call him out for problematic behavior.

      I’m not asking you to feel ashamed for casting a vote for Trump. I’m asking you to stand up against his hatred. Whether or not you voted for him, staying silent about his misogyny, racism, homophobia, ableism, and xenophobia makes you complacent. I’m asking you not to be complacent.

      As I said, Trump won. You don’t need to continue defending him.


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