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Dear Miranda: Mulan is basically the story of my life.

In response to Dear Kyra: Top 5 Gothic Archies Lyrics

Dear Miranda,

Oddly enough, I did know what a yurt is, for no particular reason other than that my brain appears to be a magnet for random facts.

Kyra's brain

Kyra’s brain

You like that? I drew it myself! I got skillz.

Anyway, sorry for being so slow blogging you back. I was kinda busy last week, trying to get ready for you guys to come to town. But I was thinking about this post a couple weeks ago.  I was watching Mulan because that movie is awesome. I had also just finished reading a post by Matthew (the guy I always torment…in a loving way). It’s called Why Toy Story 3 and Life are Basically the Same Thing.

So I was watching Mulan this go around  and all the sudden I was like “This is the story of my life.” Ok. Maybe I haven’t run away from home, dressed as a man to join the army, made friends with a dragon, defeated an army of Huns, saved China, or used fireworks to blow up the most evil man I’ve ever met (to be fair, the most evil man I’ve ever met is probably just my high school debate rival, Chad. He probably doesn’t deserve to be annihilated via fireworks. But his orange briefcase was really hideous.).

I know what you’re thinking. Kyra that doesn’t sound anything like your life. But my epiphany actually came while I was watching the matchmaker scene.

mulan matchmaker

My line of thought was something like this: Everybody just wants Mulan to get married. Everybody wants me to get married! I bet if BYU could, they would employ a professional matchmaker to get everyone hitched. Meeting the matchmaker probably would not go much better for me than it did for Mulan. I’m going to die alone.

Literally everyone is eager to tell Mulan how to land a man!


But she’s still just not that smooth.


In fact she’s not very good at a lot of things.



But she has an awesome family.



And some help from awesome friends.



She’s clever



And persistent


In the end, being herself is what works for her.


And I guess I relate to that. Who knows? It just might work out for me too. When it was all said and done, Mulan did get the guy. There may be hope for me too.


Love, Kyra



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